Rebellyous Foods Launches in Retail

May 21, 2020

Seattle plant-based meat startup Rebellyous Foods announced today that its protein-packed plant-based nuggets are launching in select Seattle grocers next week. With busy parents looking for quick, easy, and delicious meals to serve their families, now marks the perfect time to offer the nuggets for in-home preparation.

Rebellyous Nuggets are vegan with no cholesterol, antibiotics, or hormones, and less saturated fat and sodium than chicken nuggets. The Nuggets have been on menus at schools, corporate cafeterias, universities, and hospitals in the Pacific Northwest and San Francisco Bay Area since February 2019. In the coming weeks, shoppers at Leschi Market and Vegan Haven in Seattle will be able to find Rebellyous Nuggets in one pound family value packs in the freezer case.

“Kids love our nuggets because they’re delicious. Parents love them because they’re more nutritious than their animal-based counterparts and they’re simple to prepare,” said Christie Lagally, founder and CEO. “Since day one, fans have been asking where they can purchase our nuggets to enjoy at home and we’re thrilled to offer this opportunity for them to do so, while staying true to our mission of offering plant-based meat for all by starting with affordable family-sized packs.”

Rebellyous plans to launch additional products and SKUs and expand its presence in West Coast retailers in 2020.

In April 2020, the company raised $6M in Series A funding co-led by Clear Current Capital, Fifty Years, and Liquid 2 Ventures. Other funders include KBW Ventures, CPT Capital, Agronomics and Vulcan Capital, the investment arm of Vulcan Inc., the company founded by Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul Allen.

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