Prince Khaled attends seminar with Draper University’s Saudi Arabian students of entrepreneurship

April 22, 2019

Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud recently visited Draper University in Silicon Valley, US, for a seminar with the institution’s Saudi Arabian students. The students were all enrolled in the Spring Hero training program, which is a result of a collaborative effort between the MiSK Foundation and the Saudi General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Monsha’at.

Fifteen Saudi students met with Prince Khaled and elaborated on their experiences in the program thus far, highlighting its most advantageous aspects and hands-on opportunities. The participants presented their various business ideas to Prince Khaled and received his feedback on the various models, in addition to a question and answer period. The discussion touched on several subjects relevant to entrepreneurship and startups including how to pitch to venture capitalists for funding, how to establish a business, and what to expect from the various economies in the Middle East region specifically highlighting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s entrepreneurial climate.

The discussion touched on several subjects relevant to entrepreneurship and startups

Prince Khaled reiterated his support for a permanent Draper University presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He added that the current conditions in the country are the most optimal he’s seen in terms of support for SMEs and startups, with the government aggressively advocating for the private sector’s development and budding entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A larger 15-week internship and educational segment, scheduled to begin in June 2019, provides unique learning experiences and placement opportunities in Silicon Valley. The MiSK DraperU Silicon Valley Innovation and Leadership placement program is designed to provide Saudi youth with the opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and experts in Silicon Valley.

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