Four Seasons Doha Launches a New Way to Satisfy Your Taste Buds with “Folia” at the Après Spa Café

May 10, 2022

Folia is a creation of celebrated chef Matthew Kenney and Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed’s KBW Ventures

This summer, Four Seasons Hotel Doha tempts food enthusiasts with a newly-added, mouth-watering plant-based menu that highlights an international health-conscious culinary concept with a local touch, to enjoy after a spa treatment or a workout, or simply to grab anytime throughout the day.

As Four Seasons Hotel Doha continues to offer an indulging sensation of taste, comfort, and pleasure to all, it introduces its new vibrant platters through the feel-good Après Spa Café—complete with relaxing indoor or fresh-air terrace dining. The café, which opens at 7:00 am, invites  guests to start their day with a health-conscious breakfast, revitalize with an energizing smoothie throughout the day, or grab a small bite to eat from the assortment of Folia’s appetizers, entrées, and desserts, which are available daily at 12:00 noon until 6:00 pm, when the café closes.

Unique to Four Seasons, this concept was originally created by the celebrated American chef Matthew Kenney, the founder of more than 20 restaurants around the world. First launched at Four Seasons LA, Beverly Hills, Folia has bloomed with an added Middle Eastern touch as a result of a collaboration globally-recognized investor and healthy living advocate, Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, and his company KBW Ventures.

Folia includes eight menu items at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha presented by the Après Spa Café

This mélange of flavors is introduced in different countries of the GCC, including Qatar. In this regard, the General Manager of Four Seasons Doha, Shadi Suleman commented, “We are pleased to be presenting such flourishing food creations collaborated by the world-class chef, Matthew Kenney, and the energetic regional investor, Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, to celebrate every Four Seasons visitor with a special international plant-based cuisine infused with local touch to enjoy throughout the summer.”

“It is fitting that Folia, crafted to appeal to palates that have eaten the finest in healthy cuisine, is being presented at Four Seasons Doha now that Qatar is preparing to welcome the world for one of the biggest sporting events in history. I look forward to seeing the Qatari plant-based dining scene elevated with Chef Kenney’s inspired dishes,” said Prince Khaled, remarking on the launch.

Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed, founder and CEO, KBW Ventures

 “Crafting the future of plant-based cuisine”

Folia, with its delicate Latin name that stands for “from the leaves”, emphasizes not only on following a healthy lifestyle on a personal level, but also on supporting global wellness. With that in mind, Folia is also all about innovation and imagination, which is represented by using seasonal ingredients to exhibit fun colors through cold and crisp dishes that you can enjoy as starters.

Four Seasons Doha launches Folia at the Après Spa Café

One such dish is the mixed palette of enticing green papayas, assorted with basil, cilantro, and spinach leaves, sprinkled generously with shredded carrots, and topped with cashew dressing. For avocado aficionados, you can enjoy them on toast with Kumquat, radish, and herbs, all before drowning in the aromas and tastes of the entrées. Another indulgent offering consists of flavorful ravioli alfredo, stuffed with roasted butternut squash and vegan parmesan cheese, and the creative truffle pizza with Tuscan kale, wild mushrooms, cashew truffle cream, and lemon vinaigrette.

Since no menu is complete without a touch of sweetness, Folia mingles the perfect combinations of zesty orange and chocolate, beachy coconut and banana, and indulgent blackberry and cocoa to boost your mood at any time of the day.

All those enticing ingredients alone makes it worthwhile to visit Après Spa Café. The café comes as an inspiration to those who focus on a thriving lifestyle of healing and renewal to find their peace of mind after a spa treatment, or to fitness fanatics to fuel up before or after a workout. All of which engenders the perfect ambience of a plant-based cuisine, with its premium location right next to the wellness center.

To enjoy healthy dining in a relaxing atmosphere, call/WhatsApp +974 4494 8888 or email [email protected] to make a reservation.

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